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Proverb 1 & Proverb 31: “Bathsheeba’s Burden”-Part I”

January 1, 2014

The opening verses of Proverb 31 address “Lemuel” which is a name given to Solomon by his mother Bathsheeba. Our first message from Proverb 31 began with the virtuous mother/woman at (v.10) as we skipped over the introduction to this Proverb which Bathsheeba wrote. That has been the opinion of Bible scholars through the 30 centuries since it was written. Today, the first of a New Year, we are going to combine motherly instruction/Truth from the first and last Proverb. The introduction of Proverb 31 is definitely from a mother who was concerned for her son and his future role as King of Israel. Her focus centers on three things: 1. Dealing with women 2. Dealing with strong drink 3. Dealing with those in need. This is but a portion of “The Law of thy mother” which is recorded in Proverb 1:8 and 6:20.

Bathsheeba addressing “The son of her womb” uses an endearing name “Lemuel” which means “Devoted to God” and parallels the name “Jedidiah” (II Samuel 12:25) given to him by the LORD . So, in essence, Bathsheeba’s special name for her gifted son agrees with God’s name for Solomon, Jedidiah which means “Beloved of the Lord”. David named him Solomon which means “Peacable” which rightly connects him to the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ who is called “Shiloh” in Genesis 49:10 meaning “The Peaceful One” who as the Prince of Peace will bring the everlasting peace so desired by men today when He crushes the Satanic opposition and restores the heaven and earth during the end-times.

This Messianic verse in Genesis 49 refers to Him as the One who will gather the people when He comes the second time to eventually rule and reign upon the throne of David His father (Luke 1:32) for a period of one thousand years (Revelation 20:4-6) which is also called “The Millennium” by those who study end-times prophecy. Everywhere you look in Scripture you will find our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ not far from the surface, and Solomon’s reign rightly parallels the Lord’s as seen in Psalm 45 and 72 and even here, Bathsheeba’s Burden for her beloved son Lemuel shines light upon Jesus! Her desires as Solomon’s mother is bathed in her motherly instincts as she desires “The son of her womb” would become all he could be for the glory of His LORD Jehovah.

Therefore, Bathsheeba, as part of “The Law of thy mother” at the end of the book of Proverbs gave a brief but pointed conclusion to Lemuel in order to underline the three areas of his ongoing rule for Solomon who was then the King of Israel was no longer under the tutelage of His father David for David died right after Solomon was installed upon the throne. So, Bathsheeba in summary form gives the King some necessary insight and instruction so that he might continue to be successful in his rule. He is also known as the wisest man known to exist at that time, but, his mother has special truth to give to her son for a mother’s love for her child is unparalleled except for the love that the LORD Himself imparts. After the introductory (v.1) Bathsheeba focuses upon the number one pitfall of any man, but, especially a man whom God has exalted by putting him in a position of great importance. Right off she utilized Hebrew parallelism underlining the importance of her charge to Solomon: “Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroys kings.”

If history could be replayed and Solomon was given a second opportunity to go back and live his life over, it is sure that he would have made major changes with regard to this admonition his mother gave him. Although Solomon’s reign is recognized as successful, he did not raise a Godly seed to take over the throne. This could well have been due to Rehoboam, his son’s view of Solomon’s instruction vs. Solomon’s obedience for he said one thing and did another in the area of giving his strength to women. Solomon had over a thousand women total when concubines and wives are totaled!

Rehoboam, his son who was the next King of Israel did not follow Solomon’s wisdom as written in the Proverbs because Israel was divided under his disastrous rule. Bathsheeba told Solomon that giving his strength unto women would be an avenue of destruction for him or any other man who succumbs to allowing their woman to take their strength. Drivers, the application for today’s men who are to lead their home, but give this leadership to their wives is a parallel truth, for God designed the home/family to be led by the husband. When this leadership is given up being transferred to the wife, certain destruction awaits, for the Lord did not design the wife to be the responsible one to lead the home. This just happens to be the biggest issue facing families today, and Drivers many times are in trouble with this key family need. More to come in tomorrow’s “Truth for Truckers” on this important subject, for the Lord has the victory in hand!

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